Can Solar Panels Be Installed On A Metal Roof?

Yes, solar panels can be installed on a metal roof. You may put your solar panels simply on your metal roof utilizing mounting rails, or you can create a bespoke frame to place your solar panels at a specified angle and in a particular direction.

The amount of energy generated by solar panels will depend on the roof’s pitch (angle) and orientation (North-South roof or East-West roof).

The angle and orientation of solar panels affect their ability to generate electricity.

If you reside in the northern hemisphere, your solar panels should face south, and if you live in the southern hemisphere, they should face north for optimal power output.

Consequently, if you have a two-sided sloped roof, such as a north-south or east-west slope (which is the situation for most homes), then one side in the case of north-south and two sides in the case of east-west will generate less energy than it should.

If you have an east-west roof and place solar panels directly on the roof, electricity generation will be reduced. Still, the overall cost of installation will be less because no special structure will be needed.

However, if you choose to place your solar panels in the optimal direction and angle for your east-west roof, total power production will improve, but so will the cost of solar installation.

In most circumstances, you need not worry about the angle of installation, but the orientation of your solar panels is crucial.

What To Know About Solar Panels On Metal Roofs?

  • Solar panels are simple to install on a metal roof.
  • Solar metal roofs may accommodate both thin-film and conventional PV panels.
  • Metal roofs are long-lasting and can outlast solar panels
  • Solar panels can enhance a metal roof’s cooling capabilities.
  • Metal roofing and solar panels produce an environmentally friendly dwelling.


When contemplating solar energy, the expected lifespan of your investment is a crucial factor in determining the outcome. Solar PV panels have a 25 to 30-year lifespan.

To attain cost-effective levels of solar energy generation, the lifespan of your roof material must exceed that of the PV panels you wish to install.

Energy Conservation

During the summer, metal roofs sprayed with reflective paint keep your home cool. Installing solar panels on metal roofs with this paint coating reduces the energy consumed to adjust inside temperature even more.

Consequently, combining metal roofs with solar panels can help you achieve greater energy efficiency and the associated cost savings.


Metal roofs are made from recyclable materials, which is a compelling argument for its adoption over other types of roofing. Using metal roofs will help you improve environmental sustainability by increasing the use of recyclable materials and reducing pollution.

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Solar Panel Type Modularity

There are two varieties of photovoltaic solar panels: silicon and thin-film. Silicon panels are more cumbersome than thin-film solar panels. Both types of solar panels may be installed on metal roofs, giving you the freedom of choice.

In addition to this, solar laminates may also be applied to metal roofs. PV solar laminates come in strips that cling to the surface of a metal roof, providing an alternate method of solar energy collection.

Resistant To Strong Winds

In contrast to other roofing materials, metal roofs function well in severe winds. Ensure that the solar panels you employ are appropriately and securely attached to brackets.

The right method for securing solar panels with brackets is to attach them via the metal roof’s highest point while creating a seal between the brackets and metal sheets.

This configuration guarantees that the metal roof securely secures the solar panels to take advantage of the metal roof’s wind resistance.

solar panels on metal roof

Solar Metal Roofing Pros And Cons


A metal roof offers several advantages over the asbestos roof and even an RCC roof; let’s examine some of the essential ones –

1) High Durability Of Metal Roofing

All solar panels (excluding thin-film) come with a 25-year warranty; ideally, the roof or surface on which the solar panels are put should also last at least 25 years. Typically, a metal roof will endure between 25 and 30 years.

2) Cost Associated With Installation

A solar system on a metal roof will be less expensive than one mounted on an RCC roof or the ground since less construction is required.

3) Improved Cooling

Since most of the sun’s rays will be striking the solar panels and not your roof, the general temperature of your home will be lower, requiring less cooling from your air conditioner.

4) Installing Thin-Film Panels Is Possible.

If your roof cannot support the weight of conventional crystalline solar panels, you can utilize flexible or thin-film solar panels instead (most of them will directly stick to the metal roof). Also, if you are concerned about solar panels detracting from the aesthetics of your home, you can go for thin-film.


Metal roofs are no exception to the rule that no excellent item is without its flaws.

1) Less Energy Production

If you install solar panels on the east and west sides, the overall power generation will decrease. Since the structure may be optimized for maximum energy production, it will not occur with a ground-mounted or RCC-mounted system (your terrace). (In most instances, the variance in power generation is between 5 and 10 percent)

2) Maintenance Is Challenging

If there is a problem with the wiring, it isn’t easy to reach the wires since part of them are concealed behind the solar panels installed on a metal roof. Consequently, there is no room to access them.

3) Solar Panel Cleaning Is Risky

Most of us find roof climbing hazardous and, at times, tiresome (if access is not proper). Consequently, cleaning your solar panels will be forgotten frequently. If you install solar panels on your patio, you will clean it more frequently than a roof since it is more accessible. 

Solar Panels On A Metal Roof Cost

Solar installation costs vary depending on the installation method, equipment, and solar panels. Typically, it ranges between Rs 40,000 and Rs 60,000. In the event of large installations, this may potentially be exceeded.

It saves money in the long term by reducing power costs and carbon footprints, even if the initial investment may appear to be high.

Therefore, before putting solar panels on your roof, you should establish a budget for the installation. Then, you may select the appropriate equipment for your demands and budget. Ideally, it would be prudent to choose things priced in the middle.

solar panels on metal roof

Best Metal Roofing For Solar Panels

Now that we know it is possible to install solar panels on a metal roof, what is the ideal material for solar panel installation to maximize energy production?

If all environmental circumstances, material quality, and installation quality are the same, placing solar panels on a terrace (RCC roof) will be the ideal option, as it allows for the solar panels to be installed at any angle, in any direction, and with simple access for cleaning and maintenance.


What Pitch Of The Roof Is Best For Solar Panels?
In residential construction, conventional slope roofs with a pitch between 4/12 and 9/12 are the norm. Roofs above 9/12 (37 degrees) are steep slope roofs. Low-slope roofs are common in commercial construction (with a pitch between 2/12 and 4/12).

Do Solar Panels Work On Cloudy Days?
Even if the light on overcast days is not as intense, modern solar panels perform quite well in cloudy conditions. And it makes sense; the sun does not suddenly cease functioning due to a cloud.

Surprisingly, rain may also improve the performance of solar panels by washing away any dust or dirt that could impede light.

How Do You Install Solar Panels On A Tin Roof?
As long as there is enough ventilation and protection from rain, you can install solar panels on your tin roof.

If the power from the solar panels is lower than normal, this is due to a change in the roof’s material; approximately 90 percent of energy production is lost.

Do Solar Panels Ruin Your Roof?
Solar panels will not harm your roof, and they may even boost your home’s worth. Potentially, properties with solar panels can sell for around 4 percent more than those without.

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